Modern Comedian

Dave Stone is a great young comedian from Atlanta who just made the move to LA.
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Beards Across America: D.C.

Beards Across America: The Beards of Comedy head to the Nation’s Capital to discover the hidden truth about our money. While in Washington, these four intrepid comedians provide some hilarious details…
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Dave Stone - the late late show with craig ferguson

Comedian Dave Stone makes his television debut on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on 10/04/13
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Opinion-Whipped Squidbillies Adult Swim

Early rides high on the success of his radio show at the expense of guest DJ Dave Stone
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Hogwash by Dave Stone

A mix of down-to-Earth charm, and effortless delivery makes Hogwash a delight. Stone is one of those comedians with such a strong voice that he can take the everyday things and make them funny. He can just talk about whatever is on his mind and make it entertaining. My favorite entry on the album, entitled “Loverboy,” hilariously explores what sex is like when you’re not in the best of shape, using a new and imaginative analogy for doing the deed.